Warranty Service and Order procedure Information


Our DKE INFOCOM Co., Ltd¡¯ all items warranty Service is 3 Years.

- CCD Cameras : 3 Years

- Digital Video Recorder : 3 Years

- Memory: 3Months

- Network Device(IP Camera): 3 Years

Accessory and Computer parts which has been built in Digital Video Recorder

-    HDD: 6 Months

-    SD Card: 3 Months

-   Power Adaptor: 3 Months

- Bracket, Cable, Connectors what has been supplied together with CCTV---1 Month

[RMA Procedures]

Basically our all items within Warranty Term, we shall pick up with our Charges or reasonable way.

After over than Warranty Service and Customer¡¯s defect made can be also pick up with our charges but this will be our special cared customer only just like Regular business partner.

- Regular Pick up service: In case of regular business partner we contract pick up service for defect units every two months.

- All unit what has been defect after authorized with RMA procedures, we shall ship advance replacements parts or units. The replaced units will be pick up later within our scheduled or contract way of return.(Customer must have keep it the replaced unit with clean and original packing type until our pick up)

- Digital Video Recorder: Normally we return original way what we did supply but in case of Digital Video Recorder will be required special return. In case of DVR, if possible to be detached Main Circuit PCB board from System and only pick up or return for tech service. So We recommend customer to replacements for DVR¡¯s main board (Most of defect has been issued in Main board). Of course we shall supply advance the DVR¡¯s Main replaced board and then we shall pick it up.

- If any defect or repair issue, please contact with us and ask us RMA documents and number. With this RMA Number can be get authorized to return or repair.


l PRICE OFFER: In case of customer want price of our products, please ask us simply by email price for some items or ask us officially ¡°Quotation¡±

l P/I(PROFORMA INVOICE): After negotiate or discussed with our supplied Quotation, customer make issue Purchase order and then we shall issue official documents Proforma Invoice. Proforma Invoice means automatically generated to Account, Material departments and Production departments that after issued P/I, if need to cancellation within 3days can be cancellation accepted. And after issued P/I, within one week the order¡¯s payment must be procedure. After one week over, our sales department will ask the condition of order and what shall customer do. If customer do not reply or did not reply regarding payment automatically this P/I will be held or cancelled. This means next time of customer will not get same price or same benefits. So if any cancellation, please do within 3days after receipt of P/I. Proforma Invoice is not same with Quotation. If you need Price, please ask us ¡°QUOTATION¡±

l Sample Order will take from one week to 2 weeks after receipt of Payment (Depend on the product¡¯s specialty of preparation that some time takes 2 weeks.

l Main order procedure will take basically 2 Weeks but also some kinds of special items or product material preparation reason will take 3-4weeks. This is not complaining issue that please waits maximum 3-4weeks. We automatically inform to client regarding the production and shipping.

l We have every week Tuesday and Thursday have Production Meeting that if possible Until Monday receipt of sample order can be delivery same weekend.


l All shipping condition will be ¡®Ex-work¡±. If customer needs to be paid advance at our side, we shall recommend Air cargo or TNT /UPS Service. However if needed cheaper way, we recommend EMS.

l Some customer ask us our currier service(TNT/UPS) or Air cargo service freight expensive, but please supply us customer¡¯s carried currier service or pick up cargo. Our quoted procedure has been our co-operation official currier service or shipping company¡¯s rate.

l For customer¡¯s convenient purpose, we shall supply packing detail that customer side can also check with our provided packing detail for their shipping rate.

l Some area does not support EMS that if possible asks us best way of shipping with us.

Thank you so much for your understand and please read our all condition and then it can help you to do work with us.


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